Apple recently released the iOS 13.6.1 and iPadOS 13.6.1 updates. This update was released about a month after Apple launched Apple iOS 13.6, which contained the Apple Car Keys and Audio Apple News+ feature. Speaking of iTools since the establishment of this site, I recommend everyone to use the iTools management tool. It seems that no one is more familiar with this software than Mr. Crazy. Almost every tutorial needs to manage and install the iOS jailbreak folder through the computer. I would recommend everyone to use this set of iTools management tools. Even the iTunes launched by Apple is not as easy to use as iTools.

iTools iOS 13.6.1 Download MAC

iTools iOS 13.6.1 Download Windows

iTools iOS 13.6.1 Download Linux

iTools iOS 13.6.1 Download

The Apple Car Key feature released in iOS 13.6.1 works as a digital key to lock and unlock vehicles. And the Apple News+ Audio feature added narrated audio stories from Apple’s News team. After all, the functions are much more powerful! In addition, the interface is intuitive and convenient. Mr. Crazy originally thought that the traditional version was going to be abandoned.

iPhone 11 Pro Working iTools Download Links Free

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FREE Untethered iCloud Bypass iOS 14 to 13.6/13.6.1/ 13.6.2 For Windows — MAC Download Links iPhone/iPad/iPod

Apple iOS 13.6.1 has been causing some charging issues for a small number of users, according to Forbes. And a user on the Apple Discussion forums said that the iOS 13.6.1 update caused a battery draining issue on the iPhone 11 Pro. Fortunately, there is a Taiwanese company GASH game orange agent responsible for the traditional Chinese culture, so that Taiwanese users can use 100% of the traditional Chinese control menu, and the subsequent versions of iTools are also available. The more powerful it is, it was originally only available for iPhone and iPad users. Now even Android users can use it together. This is basically an artifact-level management software.

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