Fix Checkra1n error-31 iPhone7 plus virson 13.4.1 MacBook pro OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

Here’s a possible fix for Checkra1n “Checking if device is ready” error 31 while jailbreak iPad on iOS 13.4.1 jailbreak. Now that Checkra1n is ready to go, you’re probably trying to jailbreak your iPhones and iPads. Same here on 0.9.2, I had to downgrade to 0.9.1 to fix this and jailbreak my 7 plus. Make sure you agree to send the info to the devs when prompted! They might find a way to fix it easily

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I’m currently getting this issue as well (as in literally just happen) and want to stay patient, but want to check with someone else on a 7+ – did you have to wait for this solution or did you get a prompt? I just don’t want to disconnect if I shouldn’t.

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Fix Checkra1n error-31 iPhone7plus
Fix Checkra1n error-31 iPhone7 plus

If this is happening to anybody on 0.9.7, you cannot put the phone in DFU mode and start from there. A new workaround is to disconnect the phone and reconnect it quickly. I don’t know if this works during the initial waiting for it to be ready stage but it definitely works when it’s reattempting the exploit after getting a 31 error.

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How to Fix Checkra1n “Checking If Device Is Ready” error

If you’re having the issue we simply portray, take a stab at using a standard USB-A 3.0 to Lightning link as opposed to a USB-C to Lightning link. If you’re using a more established iPhone, the odds are that it is now what you’re using thus far, we haven’t had an excessive number of issues with that setup. Be that as it may, when we’ve discovered the issue raises its head, we’ve likewise discovered a USB-C link.

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How? I keep getting error -31 and then error -20. Using a iPhone 5s on iOS 12.4.3 with a 2017 MacBook air. at first the DFU was the issue the instructions on 0.9.5 didn’t work and followed other ones putting it into DFU from the lock screen but now I keep getting these errors.

But I also sow it needs to be put in DFU from recovery mode but I can’t. As soon as I touch the buttons it just powers into the apple boot screen. I don’t even get 4 seconds before it does